At Rise Mvmt Studio, we are focused on helping you boost your mental health, increase self-confidence, relieve feelings through emotional expression, reduce stress and improve physical health. We are dedicated to creating a judgment-free community for you.
Pay only $15 for your introductory class or get a two week unlimited pass for only $75!

Dance like nobody’s watching, literally.

We combine a variety of dance and movement classes with science-backed methodologies resulting in holistic self improvement. Allow yourself to blend in with the background with our specialized lighting so that you can focus on your inner self with no distractions. Our classes range from: 

Ballet Fitness
This low-impact workout is inspired by a dancer’s daily training in which you will be toning, building strength, flexibility and grace. Moving through the rhythm of the music is a must in this class!

A high intensity dance class where we cover basics, patterns, timing and technique in Afro-Cuban salsa, samba, reggae, Axe, Funk, kizomba, tarraxa, bachata, cumbia and more. Come dance to these heart pounding drum beats.

Locking is the predecessor to modern hip hop, with a range of smooth and fast movements, funky as can be. You will express, sweat, get silly, make mistakes, and leave with a full soul. Fun is guaranteed.

Total Barre
Barre is a full-body, high energy and dynamic workout in which you’ll work and engage every
single muscle. Classes are choreographed and inspired by ballet and pilates moves using the
barre, mat and other equipment so you can obtain a complete workout.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired fitness class. You’ll move between high- and low-intensity dance moves and Burn calories while having fun. This class is for any age and can be adapted to any fitness level.

Sensual Bachata
In this class you will learn the basic building blocks of bachata to help you easily navigate through the layers of rhythm and sounds from traditional and modern bachata. Let’s get moving
together in this awesome style of Bachata!

If you have two left feet or are a bit rusty, don’t worry, this class is for everyone! In this class you will learn the fundamental principles of partnering, dance floor etiquette, timing, basic footwork, full and half turns, ‘cross body lead’, and useful salsa dance pattern

Samba No `Pe
This type of samba is commonly danced impromptu whenever samba music comes on. It is mostly associated with Brazilian carnaval, heart pounding drums, and lively colors and movement. Join us as we convert the studio to our own carnaval party.

Embodied Dance
In this class you will explore and extrapolate different feelings and thoughts that register in our mind and body throughout our lifetime. With specific movements we will bring awareness and light within ourselves.

Authentic Dance
In this class you will leverage techniques ranging from neuroscience and psychology research to acting methods and conscious dance to give you tools to better connect to yourself and others.

Empower You
This class is for women looking to feel empowered or looking to improve their self esteem. We believe it’s so important to stop and take the time to take care of yourself. Your womanhood. Your soul.  Through dark lighting, slow and sensual movements and positive affirmations, we hope you will feel internal strength to face life.

Yin Yoga
This is a deeply relaxing class that focuses on flexibility. Most poses are done seated or lying down, and a combination of movement and static holds are used to work out deep muscle and connective tissue tension. Static poses are held for 2-5 minutes, making this practice perfect for releasing tension. Mentally, this class emphasizes slowing down and taking time for oneself in a peaceful, quiet environment. This 60-minute class is accompanied by relaxation music to enhance the overall experience.

Soulful Sunday Yoga
This 75-minute class begins with meditation and transitions to a series of restorative Yin postures for gentle stretching. The class then moves into traditional yoga poses to awaken and energize the body for the day ahead. This combination of meditation, Yin, and Vinyasa Yoga provides an opportunity to reset and rejuvenate before the start of the week. Music is played to reflect the vibe of each moment.

Vinyasa Yoga
Is a traditional practice that emphasizes fundamental poses, posture, body alignment, and mindful breathing. The class moves at a steady, meditative pace and is suitable for new or beginner students. Experienced students are challenged with more difficult variations of poses. This 60-minute class improves flexibility and mobility, leaving students feeling strong, flexible, and more aware in both body and mind. Music is used to create an upbeat, fun, playful, and meditative energy.

Contemporary Fusion
Contemporary Fusion is an interpretive dance class that consists of ballet, modern, & lyrical technique. Is designed to allow dancers to enjoy expressive dance movements while engaging in corrective body mechanics, proper alignment, and overall dance technique.

Adult Ballet
This beginner/intermediate ballet class it’s all about going back to basics. If you want to go back to the barre and work on your technique or just looking for a chance to dance and keep active, this is the class for you!

Benefits of Dance

– Boost Mental Health
– More Self-Confidence
– Improve Heart Health
– Reduce Stress & Anxiety
– Relieve Feelings through Emotional Expression

Gautama Buddah

The mind is pure and luminous by nature. It is defiled only adventurous thoughts and emotions